CUCM CDR Call Analytics & Statistics Reporting

CUCM CDR Call Analytics & Statistics Reporting


Call Scenarios & Statistic Data Reporting

Using built-in and easy to select call scenario options, such as connected, not connected, answered, abandoned, transferred, voice mail, forwarded, long/short duration, video, and queued calls, call history reporting with Variphy Insight’s Call Analytics can now identify the following commonly requested analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as many more:

  1. What’s the peak, low, and average abandoned and voice mail rate?
  2. How many calls to the call center are not connecting per hour?
  3. When is our busy hour of the day?
  4. When is the slowest hour for inbound support calls?
  5. What percentage of the inside sales agents’ calls are lasting longer than 30 seconds?
  6. Which hour has the highest abandoned and voice mail rate?
  7. What’s the call center’s average ring duration per hour?
  8. What is our video call adoption in terms of one way vs two way?
  9. How often is native call queuing in CUCM being used and what’s our average queue times?
  10. What is the average talk time for our sales team per hour of the day?

With Variphy’s configurable Call Analytics  reporting engine, choose and select which scenarios are important to you and what key metrics to include, on a per report basis. Include them in the reports in the order you want and exclude those you don’t need.

Free yourself from the many limitations you’re experiencing with pre-canned reports.

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