Let me introduce myself

Let me introduce myself

Let me introduce myself, I am the sales guy who sees all the angles. You may be thinking, “great, last thing I want to do is deal with this guy”. But let me tell you why you’re wrong.

You see, all I really need to know is what your role is at Fictitious Incorporated. Once I know what you do, then I can tell you about a concern that you have, or should have regarding Cisco Unified Communications. You can think of the team at Variphy as your tour guides through the shifting sands of Cisco UC, helping you get where you want to be.

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At the CX level, all you care about is the bottom line. Are we making more money today than we did yesterday and are the decisions we’re making contributing to that growth, or hindering it? What can we do better?

If you are an IT Manager you have a lot to deal with. You’re hearing from the CX level about costs vs. results, managing complex infrastructure and probably at least a couple of staff. Throw in all the trouble tickets that need to be managed and you’re swimming. How do you make everything and everyone involved in your Cisco UC operations more streamlined?

For the guys in the trenches, doing the heavy lifting, we feel your pain. In fact we got our start carrying the water for you. We know that you have a deadline to meet with your projects and often times are working with other team members. What happens when you need to transition some part of the project to another person? Who made a critical change that brought the network down!? When it comes time to flip the switch and you’re facing the deadline, but still need to finish the hand off, the keys/documentation/training, what do you do?

Maybe you fall somewhere nearer to the Jr. Admin category. If you’re an admin, there is a lot to know and you don’t want to break something critical. So what is a hunt pilot anyway and why do I need to check if Joe/Jane’s phone is listed there? Where do I find that info? The client services department needs a handful of reports, do I use the CAR tool for that? Uh-oh the VP can’t hear the party at the other end of the call, know what to do?

And last but absolutely, unequivocally, without question not least, we have the end user client. You aren’t a Cisco expert but made a big investment into Cisco UC and although you used to use a desk phone once in a while, you don’t know anything about this high-res screened beauty sitting next to you and how it works with your mobile devices. Let’s see, how do I find out how many outbound calls my team made last week without calling support? Do I have enough people on staff to answer in-bound calls? Can I run a report to meet the Kari’s Law requirement? How do I set up that conference bridge anyway?

So when you’re ready to let us help you, we’ll be here waiting. Not to pounce and sell you something, come on now! No, we will be waiting to help you unravel Cisco UC from A-Z. And if you need more convincing, then pick the category from above that fits, and follow the blog posts so that we can solve some problems you might have and don’t even know about.

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