The Need for Variphy’s Call Analytics

The Need for Variphy’s Call Analytics

Greetings from Variphy! My name is Dan Schmitt, a Systems Engineer at Variphy. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this team for 1.5 years and came with an expansive understanding of Cisco Unified Communications, and more importantly Cisco call detail records (CDR). All together I’ve been involved with Cisco Unified Communications for about nine years, seven of which were centrally focused with understanding the need and use of call detail record information.

The Cisco Unified Communications Manager platform and CDR is a beast in its own right, but utilizing and making sense of all that data has proven to be quite difficult for any ‘tech-savvy’ individual. This is what promotes the demand for third party companies, such as Variphy, to develop tools useful to managing and maintaining any enterprise’s Cisco VoIP infrastructure.  Parsing all the data that CUCM provides into a database where it can easily be reported on is one of many benefits, to using Variphy Insight Call Analytics. Data fields like Calling Party, Original Called Party, Final Called Party, Terminating Cause Codes, Last Redirect Reason/DN, just to name a few, are all valuable fields that Variphy uses to make sense of what actually is happening on a day-to-day basis. Not only can Variphy Insight report on an organization’s calls, it can also supply the analytics behind the detail. Unfortunately this is something that Unified Communications Manager lacks in its built in ‘Cisco Analysis and Reporting’ tool.  Incorporating both call detail information, with additional analytics provides ‘big picture’ business KPIs that can be used to increase productivity and decrease spending.

Not only does the large investment of Cisco Unified Communications warrant the ability to track calls and provide call analytics, it should also require the ability to easily monitor and troubleshoot components of the CUCM, CUC, and UCCX. It is imperative to ensure that changes being made within these systems are legitimate and follow policy. Having the ability to perform Audit/Change Management assists with ensuring these changes in these platforms are being made correctly. Variphy’s suite of UC tools allows just this; the ability to easily report, maintain, and troubleshoot the Cisco Unified Communications platform.

As always,  #Trust But Variphy

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