I hope I didn’t help get Diana fired…

I hope I didn’t help get Diana fired…

Just last week I spoke with Jamie, Admissions Manager at an Illinois based University.  Jamie had some concerns regarding a troubled call that was brought to her attention by Tammy, a seasoned Admissions representative.  It appeared that a prospective student was given wrong information regarding online registration, when he called back for clarification, Diana, a member of the Admissions Online Support group, appeared to be annoyed and hung up on the caller.

Jamie found my contact information on a Google search for Cisco Call Analytics.  She explained that the University’s only means of reporting on CDR was Cisco CAR and as Jamie put it… “That got nowhere, fast.”

During our initial call we were able to reel-in Brian, the University’s Director of Technology, who graciously agreed to help with the deployment of a proof-of-concept.  From start to finish we were able to deploy the Variphy Insight Virtual Appliance in 20 minutes timed and even import thousands of historical CDR records from CUCM.

Using the caller’s phone number we were able to identify the call in Variphy Insight. We enabled Cradle to Grave and were able to quickly understand how the call progressed as well as use the Terminating Cause Code to confirm that Diana at x1108 terminated the call.

Cradle to Grave Call Detail Record Reporting

Since Brian managed the Online Support group, I suggested creating a report focusing on Agent Performance.  This report summarized Call Volumes by Agent, showcasing Total Calls, Answered Calls, Abandoned Calls, and Voicemail Calls in both total counts and percentages…. Needless to say Brian wasn’t impressed with Diana’s performance.

Are you Interested in an Agent report?  Feel free to reach out to me directly.

As a Sales Engineer at Variphy I am a member of the primary technical resource group that services the Variphy sales force. I provide pre and post-sales technical advice and support on our products and services as well as serve as a key point of contact for clients, answering questions, providing technical advise and introducing new products and features.  With over 6 years of Cisco CUCM CDR experience and as one of Variphy’s Solutions Engineers, I am a great resource for Call History and Analytical Reporting.

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