How to Enable and Use a Webex Chatbot for Variphy Report Delivery

How to Enable and Use a Webex Chatbot for Variphy Report Delivery

Once you have successfully created your Webex chatbot, it must be configured and enabled in Variphy before it can be used for delivering Cisco CUCM, UCCX, and CUBE CDR Call Analytics reports and CUCM CDR alerts as an alternative to email.

If you haven’t yet created your Webex chatbot, please review the detailed steps for creating your Webex Chat Bot for Variphy blog post.

How to Enable and Test Your Webex Chat Bot in Variphy

In the Setup & Administration menu, click the Chat Bots option in the Notification & Delivery section.

Click the Create Webex Bot button on the resulting screen to open a modal dialog window.

In the Create Webex Bot window, enter/paste your Webex Bot Token.

If the Bot Token is valid, clicking on the Send To field in the Test Configuration below will load and present all the Webex Spaces and Users to which the Webex chatbot associated with this Bot Token is authorized to send messages.

Test this communication by selecting one or more Spaces/Users, entering the appropriate Test Message, and then clicking the Send Test Message button.

If there are no Webex Spaces or Users to select, the Webex chatbot has yet to be authorized to be used.

The How to Create & Configure a Webex Chat Bot for Variphy blog post details how to authorize your Webex Bot to send messages to Spaces and Users.

Variphy will then attempt to connect to the Webex Chat API Service to deliver the message.

This requires outbound HTTPS internet access from the Variphy server to

If successful, you should see the test message delivered to the appropriate Webex Spaces and/or Users along with this message in Variphy:

Click the Save button to complete the process and save your Bot in Variphy!

You should now see your Webex Bot in Variphy:

If not successful, this is typical because:

  • The Webex Bot Token is invalid – double check that the Bot Token is correct and reset it necessary.
  • Variphy cannot establish an outbound HTTPS connection to the Webex API ( due to networking or firewall restrictions.

How To Use Your Webex Bot To Deliver CUCM CDR, UCCX, and/or CUBE Reports in Variphy

Now that your Webex Chat Bot is ready for use, delivering your desired reports and alerts is as simple as you’re already used to for email recipients.

In the Report Delivery field, select the Chat option. Note that this option will only appear if you have successfully configured your Webex Bot in your Variphy installation.

After selecting the Chat option, choose the desired Spaces and/or Users in the Send To field.

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