Zoom Phone Analytics: Unlimited Data Retention

Zoom Phone Analytics: Unlimited Data Retention

With Variphy Call Analytics for Zoom Phone, you can retain as much of your organization’s call log data as you need. We understand the importance of generating reports and dashboards to look at a specific quarter, year, or multi-year for compliance, reporting, and trend analysis. For this reason, Variphy allows you to retain your data for as long as you’d like.

Once your Variphy instance has been deployed and configured, we can assist you in a one-time download of your existing calling data in Zoom Phone. That information is then imported into the Variphy application. From that point on, Variphy automatically gathers new calling information as it becomes available. Searching your call log data from months ago is as easy as searching for a call fifteen minutes ago.

Take a look at our Zoom Phone Workshops for more information on the deployment and setup of the Variphy application.

Please contact sales@variphy.com or by visiting the Variphy website to set up a demo today!

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