Proof of Concept . . . What Is It Good For?

One of the most important steps in product evaluation is proof of concept (PoC).

A PoC is evidence that a business idea works. What better way to get a feel for a product’s ease of use and functionality than installing it in your environment with your data?  

During your PoC, you will have a chance to experience the following:

Ease of Deployment: With the correct permissions to the virtual and UC environments, our typical deployment is less than 20 minutes.

Ease of Configuration: Variphy collects data from your unified communications environment within one hour, and our SE team configures your initial dashboards and widgets.

Ease of Use: Your dedicated SE will assist you with the installation and configuration.

Variphy provides fully supported, free-of-charge PoC for all available features. Our SE team will help you create dashboards, widgets, and customized reports that suit your and your organization’s needs. Throughout the PoC process, our team is happy to meet with you regularly to discuss and fine-tune your dashboards and reports.

To start your proof of concept, please follow the link below. Your account manager will reach out to you immediately to get things started!

Get Started:

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