Survey! Determining factors when evaluating a UC software solution

Survey! Determining factors when evaluating a UC software solution

I conducted a poll on my personal LinkedIn page and a few unified communications groups, and the results are in! While many factors may contribute to a software purchase, I chose to focus on the following choices based on discussions with our existing clients and partners.

The following question was asked:

What’s the most important factor in determining the purchase of a software solution? The options available were; Ease of Use, Product Features, Cost of the Solution, and Support and Documentation.

The results are as follows:

  • 39% Ease of Use
  • 29% Product Features
  • 18% Support and Documentation
  • 14% Cost of the Solution

The purpose of this poll was twofold: I wanted to see if what I felt was important matched what the IT community felt was important and to ensure that Variphy met those criteria.

Ease of Use:

Variphy can be deployed and configured to receive call data within 15 minutes. In typical deployments, we have dashboards, widgets, and reports configured within an hour. Our SE team will assist with training the technical and non-technical staff.

Product Features:

We continually develop and improve our product using feedback from our clients, partners, and prospects. Keep an eye on our What’s New section for the latest updates.

Support and Documentation:

The Variphy support team is ready to assist with any issues or questions regarding your analytics solution. Our support team is located in the United States and can be reached at

The support team also maintains our knowledge base, a great resource for technical documents like product guides and how-tos.

Cost of the Solution:

Variphy offers multiple options for your analytics and reporting needs. Whether you prefer device-based or user-based licenses, we have options for you! We also offer multiyear options and the flexibility to easily grow your analytics solution with your phone system. 

For more information regarding the Variphy solution, please contact!

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