What KPIs should voice engineers be tracking?

What KPIs should voice engineers be tracking?

Metrics you should be reporting to optimize your call center

UC experts like you need comprehensive reports for metrics in your unified communications (UC) environments. Do you know which are the best key performance indicators (KPIs) for voice engineers to track? 

Assess if you have the right tools for call analytics

Before we define KPIs, it’s important to assess if you’re equipped to get essential data. Unfortunately, many organizations lack advanced UC analytics tools or a modified business intelligence tool that can effectively track all your required KPIs. That means you may not get a full picture of your environment — or, even worse, you may get a misleading one that results in poor business decisions. 

While your counterparts may have their own methods of uncovering these data points, the data they collect may be inaccurate, and the systems they employ may be inefficient.

Call analytics KPIs to start tracking

It’s important to identify crucial metrics and establish clear KPIs that provide accurate insights. By doing so, you can help your company optimize its UC environment.

Call Center Performance

Call center performance is the monitoring of metrics that might be important to the organization. It can give an organization vital information about client experience. Average queue time and average call duration can help you understand how much time your clients are spending in your call center environment. 

Rating agent performance against each other is also a key metric. If your data shows agents who consistently transfer calls or have increased call duration, it may indicate that they are not completely trained for their job, which can lead to poor customer experience.

Abandoned Calls

An abandoned call is a call made to a call center that ends before speakers interact.

How many times have you called an organization and listened to on-hold music for what feels like forever before eventually hanging up? Your callers might be experiencing frustrating wait times, resulting in terminated inbound calls. This can reflect poorly on your customer satisfaction.

Dial Plan Management

Dial Plan Management is the operation of Direct Inward Dial (DID) and Directory Numbers (DN) within a phone system. Businesses that don’t have the right tools manage DIDs and DNs in a spreadsheet, which can be cumbersome. When an administrator or support engineer fails to update their spreadsheet, the integrity and accuracy of the document are compromised. 

How much time will it take to review any moves, adds, and changes since the last known “good” version of the document? As the cost of DIDs becomes lower and lower and are included with circuits, managing these lists becomes imperative.

Start tracking vital call metrics today

These are just a few of the most important KPIs voice engineers should be tracking. If you want to learn more about other essential call metrics, download our white paper, “10 KPIs Every Voice Engineer Must Know and Report On.”

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