Deep Dive: Variphy 15.2

Deep Dive: Variphy 15.2

Ready for the latest enhancements to our analytics and reporting solutions for Zoom Phone, Webex Calling Dedicated Instance (DI), Webex Calling Multi-tenant (MT), and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)? Here are the exciting new updates:

Zoom Phone

Support for Common Areas and Common Area Phones

Common areas are assigned to sites, not users, and these sites may contain multiple phones. With this feature addition, you can now report on these phones.

Check out this support document from Zoom outlining common area phones and some of their limitations.

Webex Calling (DI/MT)

Add Call Scenarios as CDR Search Criteria in Call History

Variphy provides reporting and analytics support for your Webex Calling multi-tenant and dedicated instance deployments. We’ve added the ability to add Call Scenarios as a search type in our call history feature.

This update allows users and administrators to select and filter based on a specific call scenario. Call Scenarios include Answered Calls, Connected Calls, Forwarded Calls, and more. Read more about Call Scenarios in our Knowledge Base or watch a walkthrough in our Weekly Workshop

Core Improvements

Private to Public Search Set Conversion

This improvement allows the conversion of private search sets to public search sets. Users and administrators who create a private search set can convert them to a public search set for use by other Variphy users in their organization.

To learn more about our Search Sets, take a look at this Knowledge Base article.

Introduction of Licensing Grace Period

Variphy application will allow device overage or expiration for 14 days. Currently, users cannot log in to the Variphy application if their license expires or they exceed their license by one or more devices.

With this new grace period, Variphy users can continue using the Variphy application for 14 days while the issue with their license is corrected.

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