Custom data retention for Zoom Phone

Custom data retention for Zoom Phone

Retain your Zoom Phone data for as long as you’d like!

With Variphy Reporting and Analytics for Zoom Phone, you can set custom data retention periods to stay in compliance with your organization and vertical. 

Stay in compliance with data retention requirements: Many industries have laws and regulations that dictate how long data must be stored. Organizations must often retain call data related to complaints, employee performance, and other HR concerns.

Use data to drive business decisions: Historical call data provides insights into customer behavior, market trends, and operational performance. With unlimited data retention, you can make informed decisions and develop effective strategies.

Future-proof your data storage: Custom data retention supports business continuity and recovery efforts during data loss, system failure, or disaster.

Perform long-view trend analysis: Historical data helps you and your team learn from past experiences. Retained data can support research initiatives, enabling you to analyze trends, patterns, and correlations over an extended period.

Improve customer service: With access to historical data, your customer service representatives can provide accurate and timely assistance, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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