Variphy 15.4: Most Popular Features

Variphy 15.4: Most Popular Features

Variphy 15.4 software has launched, and we’ve introduced many new enhancements to our CUCM, UCCX, Webex Calling, and Zoom Phone solutions. A few of the most notable features our customers love include global APIs for Webex Calling, customizable default search sets, and tracking calls to voicemail by directory number.

Global APIs for Webex Calling

Each region has its unique requirements and may need application programming interfaces with global support. To accommodate for unique regional support, Variphy 15.4 now offers global APIs for Webex Calling. 

Support is available for all Webex APIs, including Fedramp instances. Default options covering the U.S., Europe, Canada, and government entities are already available. This system also allows for the addition of custom APIs to ensure the flexibility to adapt to the Webex Calling platform’s growing features. 

Customizable Default Search Set

Another addition to the features offered in Variphy 15.4 is customizable default search criteria. Organizations have different preferences for reporting, so this update allows them to save time by defining default search sets for their data. 

This new feature allows customizations for both system-wide settings and user-specific preferences. Organizations can define a global default search set to ensure consistency across the system. However, it still allows for flexibility for individual users to override system defaults and set their preferences in their account settings.

Tracking Calls to Voicemail by Directory Number

One of the other most popular functionalities in Variphy 15.4 is the introduction of tracking calls to voicemail by directory number. Formerly, this system was reliant on device names for identifying voicemail ports within CUCM. 

To combat challenges for organizations with complex call routing setups, users can now identify and put together voicemail identification using directory numbers and sets of directory numbers. For example, users utilizing auto-attendants for purposes other than voicemail may find it difficult to differentiate between calls going to auto attendants and those directed elsewhere within the organization. This new feature resolves this issue with the ability to configure voicemail identification using directory numbers, providing more flexible and accurate solutions for large-scale deployments. 

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