City Government Optimizes Staffing Using Insights Gained from Variphy

City Government Optimizes Staffing Using Insights Gained from Variphy

The City of Camrose, serving 20,000 residents in Alberta, Canada, struggled to manage high call volumes on their main business lines. They needed a solution to track call flow, identify top callers, and determine peak hours to optimize staffing and improve service efficiency.

The Challenge: Optimizing Staffing

The City of Camrose, serving as a pivotal communication nexus for municipal affairs, grappled with efficiently managing incoming calls across departments. Receptionists were tasked with fielding a myriad of inquiries, but a lack of insights into call routing, top callers, and peak hours hindered the administrators’ ability to optimize staffing levels and streamline call handling processes.

The Solution: An Accessible Integration That Unearths a Wealth of Data

In search of a comprehensive call reporting and analytics solution, the City of Camrose turned to Variphy. Variphy’s seamless integration with the city’s Cisco Collaboration environment helped them gain deeper insights into their data, enabling them to identify issues like dropped or fraudulent calls. With Variphy’s user-friendly interface and effortless integration, the city gained access to a wealth of data that transformed their call management operations.

The Impact: Gaining a Full Understanding of Staffing Needs

Variphy’s reporting capabilities helped the City of Camrose gain actionable insights into call distribution and staff utilization. By analyzing call transfer patterns and identifying peak hours, the city optimized staffing levels and improved call handling efficiency. Supervisors and managers leveraged custom reports and dashboards to monitor real-time call metrics, enhancing decision-making and performance monitoring.

“Once we gathered the reports to see where calls were going, we were able to have a full understanding of how staff were transferring the calls and how many team members were needed during different parts of the day. This saved us from many hours of combing different data sets to figure out.”

Variphy’s cradle-to-grave functionality enabled the city to isolate and analyze call paths, facilitating targeted analysis of client interactions and customer service delivery. This capability revolutionized the city’s approach to call management, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making and operational excellence.

With Variphy’s customizable reports and personalized insights, the City of Camrose is poised to further enhance its call management efficiency. As they explore Variphy’s extended functionalities and new use cases, the city remains committed to leveraging proactive analytics to drive continuous improvement and elevate customer service standards.