‘Above and Beyond’: Variphy Solutions Help Healthcare Organization Improve Service Quality

‘Above and Beyond’: Variphy Solutions Help Healthcare Organization Improve Service Quality

Jersey Community Hospital (JCH) provides primary and secondary care across six counties in Illinois. When they looked for a powerful analytics solution to explore their Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) data, they discovered Variphy’s solutions.

The Challenge: Limited Features Affecting Efficiency

JCH faced significant challenges in gaining insight into their environment, as their previous system did not provide real-time call data or metrics from shared metrics and hunt groups. An inadequate system to capture and analyze call data often misses critical communication issues, and their old solution made it difficult for them to identify and address them promptly. This lack of detailed analytics meant problematic calls that could affect patient care or operational efficiency were not identified, leading to potential lapses in service quality.

JCH also lacked the ability to track administrative changes. Modifications to their environment were hard to monitor, complicating the task of assessing the impact of these changes on overall operations.

Retention of call detail records, as required by various regulatory standards, were also limited. Without comprehensive call data, ensuring adherence to these regulations became a constant struggle. The situation underscored the need for improved call data analytics to enhance patient service management and regulatory compliance at JCH.

The Solution: Multiple Solutions in a Single Pane of Glass

With Variphy’s real-time call analytics, change management, and remote phone control solutions, JCH gained unparalleled visibility into their Cisco Collaboration data. Deeper visibility into their call environment allows them to visualize, search, analyze, and report efficiently.

The CDR reporting is above and beyond what we thought it would do for us.

Philip Tewell, Sr. System Administrator

Variphy’s Change Management solution became indispensable for JCH’s Cisco administrators. The feature streamlines the tasks of identifying and tracking changes within their UC environment. From IP phone modifications to route pattern adjustments, Variphy ensures that JCH stays on top of every change in their environment.

Additionally, Variphy’s Remote Phone Control feature allows JCH’s IT team to troubleshoot end-user issues quickly. “I had to use the Remote Phone Control on Christmas Day, which was a life saver,” said Shane Winters, director of Information Technology and Informatics.

The Impact: Instant Visibility Allowing for Quick Action

JCH gained the ability to maintain compliance with federal and corporate policies regarding call detail records retention. They now have instant visibility into calling activity, quickly identifying troubled calls, such as those with long wait times, and understanding device capacity and utilization. Variphy has empowered JCH to accurately assess busy hours and employee productivity.

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