Save Time With Webex Calling Report Templates

Generate Webex Calling reports quickly with our easy-to-use templates

Templates offer a convenient starting point that can be easily updated. They help ensure reports are consistent no matter who generates them. 

With the introduction of our Webex Calling analytics and reporting feature, we’ve included user-friendly templates to help you get started. Our systems engineers created a collection of Webex Calling report templates requested by our customers and channel partners. 

Run standardized reports using templates

We have several templates available for our Webex Calling users. You can find samples of each report in the knowledge base.

Here’s what you can download through your Variphy portal:

  • 911 Calls Report: Total call usage for 911/emergency calls, including directory number groupings and call history details.
  • Call Queue Summary by Agent: Inbound calls into your call queues, summarized by user.
  • Call Queue Summary: Inbound calls into your call queues, summarized by hour for each call queue.
  • Detail by Extension or Phone Number: Multi-direction extension or caller ID/phone number searching, including high-level summaries of values and patterns.
  • Hunt Group Summary by Agent: Inbound calls to hunt groups, including a summary per user.
  • Hunt Group Summary: Inbound calls to hunt groups, including a graph of activity per hour for each hunt group. 
  • Location Summary: Multi-direction totals for locations, including a high-level summary of outbound and inbound calls.  
  • Manager Summary: Multi-direction searching for managers and users, including a high-level summary of inbound and outbound calls. 
  • User Call History: Multi-direction user searching, including a summary on the activity of the selected user.

Ready to get started? Download the templates here.

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