Webex Calling Reporting Solutions With Variphy

Webex Calling Reporting Solutions With Variphy

Report Sharing and Templates

Need to share a report with your team? No problem! Our Webex Calling integration lets you quickly and easily share the reports you’ve created with other users. Our SE team also created report templates based on the most popular requests by our customers.

You’ll get a ton of benefits from these easy-to-use templates and report sharing capabilities.

Time-saver: With report templates, you can save time by eliminating the need to start from scratch. You can also easily share your reports through several channels and in different formats.

Consistency: Templates help you maintain a unified look and feel across different documents, which is useful for branding, presentations, reports, and marketing materials.

Efficiency: You can reduce errors or omissions in reports using templates. Filling out preset components can speed up report generation.

Collaboration: Shared reports and templates promote seamless collaboration between multiple users and an easier integration of contributions.

Customization: Our templates can be customized to suit specific needs. While they provide a starting point, they can be modified, adapted, or personalized to align with company preferences or branding requirements. 

We offer a free and fully functional proof of concept — try our application in your environment with your data. For more information, visit us at booth 9205 at Cisco Live or check out the links below.

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Variphy Overview Video

Variphy available on Webex App Hub

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