Unraveling the CDR data from CUCM to make it useful and accessible

Most Cisco UC clients who have made the decision to go with CUCM fail to realize the investment made.   Cisco was likely chosen because it is the most complete solution, but a lot of the data available tends to go unused.   Whether because the data is difficult to access, or conversely, difficult to understand, it’s there and it’s valuable.

Variphy helps you to do this with a variety of tools including;

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The treasure house of data residing in CUCM’s CDR files is paramount to realizing your investment in Cisco UC.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know how long it takes for your client services team to answer calls?  Or how many of those in-bound calls are going unanswered.  How about the number of outbound calls your sales team is making, or the peak hours for in-bound traffic?  Would it be useful to investigate poor voice quality and be alerted on emergency service calls or maxed out trunk utilization

So how do you get this information today? 

With Variphy, reports can be configured, automated, and delivered to those persons who require the data.  And when that data goes out, it is in a format that doesn’t require a Cisco expert to make sense of it all.  Sounds easy, because it is and should be. 

See what Variphy can do to help your organization realize the investment made with your Cisco UC platform.  Cisco makes communicating possible, Variphy makes it easy.

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