Variphy CUCM Hacks

Variphy CUCM Hacks

With the help of UC professionals, Variphy has become the de facto standard for CUCM reporting and it is for a very good reason. Variphy gives you access to data and details that would be extremely difficult, dare we say impossible to generate natively in CUCM.

In no specific order here are 5 CUCM “hacks” possible with Variphy:

1. Quickly find unused/underutilized devices

The average cost for a Cisco 8845 is about $225. If you have 20 phones sitting on empty cubicles there is $4,500 of unused resources. Define a threshold for min and max total call count and quickly find these devices.

Variphy CUCM Hacks - Quickly find unused/underutilized devices

2. Determine who hung up the phone

Ever have an upset customer claiming one of your support agents hung up the phone? Add the Terminating Cause Code detail data column to any Variphy Report or View and find out who terminated the call first. A Terminating Cause Code of Normal Call Clearing appears when the Called Party terminates the call, No Error is used when the Caller terminates the call.

Determine who hung up the phone

3. Use Terminating Cause Codes to find issues in your voice environment

Create a Widget in the Variphy Dashboard and summarize by top N cause codes. Under normal operating conditions No Error, Normal Call Clearing and Call splits should be your Top 3.

Variphy CUCM Hacks - Use Terminating Cause Codes

4. Report on Custom Attributes

CUCM allows you to synchronize LDAP directory attributes that are not included among the defaults for the Standard User Fields to be Synchronized. However, there is no UI within CUCM that allows you to see these values. Use Variphy to quickly report on user assignment.

Variphy CUCM Hacks - Report on Custom Attributes

5. Delete ITL Certificates from remote phones

Use Variphy to build custom macros that can press a series of buttons on Cisco phones in a specific sequence. Push these out to a single or multiple devices.

Variphy CUCM Hacks - Delete ITL Certificates from remote phones

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