April Fools’ Day

With only one weekend until the funniest day of the year have you thought of what pranks you’ll be playing on your coworkers?

With time running out I thought I’d share 3 of my favorite practical jokes. Variphy is not just serious analytics, we’re a complete stack! Use our software to have a bit of fun, after all it’d be irresponsible not to…

Use Variphy’s Remote Phone Control to identify a coworkers device, using the quick “Dial Number” option dial their cell phone number… watch their confused face while they try to identify what’s happening:

As the old saying goes let’s kill two birds with one stone. Identify two of your coworkers devices, place a call between them and enable speaker phone:

Have a paranoid coworker? Give them a good reason to put on their tin foil hat. Using the Variphy Broadcast tool send funny but tasteful messages:

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