Unlimited CDR Data is in reach

Unlimited CDR Data is in reach

Using Cisco CAR will only get you so far when it comes to getting a clear picture of what you need from your CUCM data. You also may not be in compliance with corporate policies. If you’ve ever been asked for a report like adoption, capacity utilization, sales activity, call center quality, and other key performance indicators, you know how time consuming this task can be. Odds are you are not happy with Cisco CAR and looking to find a replacement to make life easier.

The bottom line is, CAR doesn’t store more than 3 months of CDR data. New corporate compliance and legal requirements demand better and expanded CDR reporting.

Variphy not only solves this storage issue by offering unlimited CDR storage, access, and reporting, but also enables your organization to fully automate CDR report delivery to multiple departments. Variphy also go far beyond CDR reporting, offering an all-in-one Cisco Collaboration analytics and management solution.

We offer a fully functional trial or Variphy, which we can get up and running in minutes. Try Variphy today!

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