How to alert for possible Toll Fraud

Toll fraud is long-standing issue that impacts many organizations telephony systems.  This illicit use of a telephony system to make calls, not necessarily long distance or international calls, is difficult but not impossible to combat.  In a Cisco VoIP environment you can use CUCM Class of Service, Cisco Native Gateway Toll Fraud Prevention Applications, Gateway Class of Restriction and Unity Connection rules to try and prevent these unauthorized calls, but even beyond these measures you may still be susceptible to calling vulnerabilities.  It’s a good idea to setup CDR alerts to keep you informed of possible toll-fraud.
Within the United States and Canada there are area codes that can be reached without dialing an international code. This is normally where Toll Fraud becomes an issue.
242     Bahamas
246     Barbados
264     Anguilla (split from 809)
268     Antigua and Barbuda
284     British Virgin Islands
340     US Virgin Islands: St Thomas, St John
345     Cayman Islands
441     Bermuda
473     Grenada
649     Turks and Caicos Islands
664     Montserrat
670     Northern Mariana Islands
671     Guam
758     St. Lucia
767     Dominica
784     St. Vincent and Grenada
787     Puerto Rico
809    Caribbean, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
868    Trinidad and Tobago
869    St. Kitts/Nevis
876    Jamaica
900    Pay Per Call
939    Puerto Rico
976    Pay Per Call
Variphy Insight offers the ability to alert on these calls, keeping Telephony System administrators always aware of possible problematic conditions.
Setting Alerts is easy:
Step 1.  Login to your Variphy Insight system, from the Left Navigation Panel select Call Analytics and choose your corresponding cluster.