Essential Zoom Phone Report Templates for Admins and Users

Essential Zoom Phone Report Templates for Admins and Users

Unlock the power of Variphy Call Analytics for Zoom Phone

Are you looking to jump-start your reporting and analytics for Zoom Phone? We’ve provided templates based on our most popular reports as requested by our customers. Our systems engineers hosted a workshop to discuss some useful reports all organizations can benefit from.

5 reports you should run for Zoom Phone

Here’s what you can do with your Zoom Phone call data with Variphy’s analytics and reporting solution:

Visualize Total Call Volume by Calling or Called Direction

Use grouping statistics to segment your calling activity by inbound calls, outbound calls, or internal-only calls. You can even customize your reports by adding fields to see data you’re interested in, such as calls that were connected, answered, abandoned, or directed to voicemail.

Summarize Call by Site

Want to do more with grouping statistics? You can use it to identify an originating caller or a terminating site. Our advanced filters for call scenarios allow you to report on the types of calls your organization wants to track. 

Provide a Summary by Department or Site

You can get granular reports on your department. Display call activity by department and break down activity by user.

Analyze Call Queue Usage

Keep an eye on your call queues in Zoom Phone with detailed statistics. With this template, you can display important metrics like queue duration, answered calls, call duration, and abandoned calls. Our grouping feature lets you segment call queue usage by department and site.

Report on Dormant Users

Do you know if you have dormant users in your system? With Variphy, you can run a report to identify them based on call activity. Group calls by department name and add details on user activity within that department.

Download our Zoom Phone Templates Today!

These are just a few examples of the templates available for our Zoom Phone users. Take a look at the complete list of Zoom Phone templates and sample reports here. More information about the Variphy Call Analytics and Reporting integration can be found on the Zoom App Marketplace.

Ready to dive in? Download our templates and start generating reports!

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