What Are Call Scenarios?

What Are Call Scenarios?

Call Scenarios, a powerful new feature available in our call analytics solutions, gives you the ability to filter calls by details like connected vs. not connected calls, call duration, and video calls. With Call Scenarios, you can identify and break down metrics that matter to you. It is available in Variphy 15.1 and applies to your CUCM, Webex Calling, and Zoom Phone platforms.

Variphy Product Manager Trey Gonzalez and Director of Systems Engineering Victor Vrba walked through how to use Call Scenarios to get the data you want.

Webinar highlights:

  1. What are call scenarios, and how are they determined within Variphy
  2. Filtering reports based on Call Scenarios
  3. Hunt group reports and how to use the call scenario feature

Check out our Knowledge Base article for more information on Call Scenarios.