Preview: Real-time User Status and Hunt Group Analytics

Preview: Real-time User Status and Hunt Group Analytics

Report on the status of hunt group users in real-time with Variphy 15.1

Are you utilizing hunt groups in your Cisco UCM environment? If so, this new feature is for you! Product Manager Trey Gonzalez and Director of Systems Engineering Victor Vrba demonstrated our new real-time hunt group widget in a Weekly Workshop:

This highly requested feature provides the following:

  1. Get contact center-type analytics, available with hunt groups.
  2. View logged-in and logged-out status of hunt group members.
  3. Select a user’s first and last name, hunt pilot number, and hunt pilot name or status of the members.
  4. Filter by all hunt pilots or select specific hunt pilots and filter by logged-in and logged-out status.
  5. Identify user status by color-coded live updates.
  6. Display status information for multiple hunt pilots in the same dashboard.

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