Identify Zoom Phone Device Type Usage by User, Department, or Site

Identify Zoom Phone Device Type Usage by User, Department, or Site

Zoom Phone admins need vital data so they can manage their teams effectively. Who needs a physical phone, and who doesn’t? How are your users utilizing — or not utilizing — devices? Does activity vary between inbound and outbound calls? Are certain departments showing vastly different behaviors than others? With Variphy, your Zoom Phone data provides answers to all these questions and more.

Variphy Call Analytics for Zoom Phone offers easy, powerful search capabilities that give insight into your users, sites, departments, and call activity.

In this example, we’ll analyze all the call activity to or from all users in a Sales or a Sales-Ops department. Variphy’s Zoom Phone analytics makes it easy to select one or more departments with a searchable multi-select field.

Widgets On Your Dashboard

It’s easy to display device type on your Variphy dashboard. With the Call Distribution widget, you can enter a title, select a color theme, and set the grouping type to “Caller or Called Device Type.” This grouping type considers both inbound and outbound calls. If you want to see only inbound or outbound calls, simply select either “Called Device” or “Caller Device,” respectively.

In this example, we’re limiting the number of doughnut chart slices to the top six by call count, but this can be configured to your needs via the Result Display Count field.

This chart shows that a majority of calls to and from the Sales department are being handled by Polycom devices, with the top two being “POLYCOMVVX-VVX_250-UA/” and “POLYCOMVVX-VVX_250-UA/”.

Generate Reports in Your Preferred Format

If you prefer this data as a report, you can choose from all the output formats you expect a product to have and either run it on demand or configure schedules.

What’s cool about Zoom Phone data is most of the device types also include a firmware or client version for even better visibility.

Variphy Call Analytics for Zoom Phone makes the tedious task of identifying Zoom Phone device types simple and easy to do. Learn more about how Variphy can help you make sense of your Zoom Phone data!

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