Variphy Zoom Phone Analytics: 5 Simple But Powerful Call History Searches

Variphy Zoom Phone Analytics: 5 Simple But Powerful Call History Searches

At Variphy, we approach call analytics by thinking about and caring equally about both the inputs and outputs. Data presented in even the most appealing ways can lose its luster if it can only be used for limited or rigid data sets. We give our users a lot of flexibility with what they can analyze and how they can view their data. 

In this post, I wanted to focus on the input side of the equation and share real-world examples of the types of data searches you can perform with Variphy Call Analytics for Zoom Phone. 

Caller/Called Location

Geo-location can be a helpful dimension for analysis, either for where the call originated or went.

From what we have seen thus far, the Caller or Called Location values in Zoom Phone can contain the city and state, such as “San Antonio, TX,” only the state, such as “Texas,” or even the country, like “United States.”

Caller/Called Department

Searching by the department is a useful way to include/exclude users and consider whether they are originating or receiving calls. 

You can easily search and select your current or historical departments. 

Caller/Called Device Type

This field in Variphy Zoom Phone data indicates the type of hardware or software device used for the call, for either the caller or called party. Since this is a full-text-based conditional search, you can enter any keywords to be as broad or narrow as desired, such as starting with “Windows_Client” vs. “Windows_Client 5.12” to specify both the type and firmware type/version. 

Here are some example values we’ve seen, but yours may differ depending on your environment and devices:

Android_Phone 5.13.5 (11533)



Yealink SIP-T53W

Yealink W70B

MP-114 FXS/v.6.60A.365

Caller/Called Site

If multi-sites have been enabled for your Zoom Account, each will appear as a selectable option for Caller and/or Called Site criteria.

Caller/Called Number

Especially when considering calls to/from outside your organization, one or multiple Caller and/or Called Party Numbers can be entered as search criteria. 

Tip of the Iceberg

I’ll conclude this post by noting that these are just five examples of some of Variphy Zoom Phone data search capabilities, alongside dozens of others, including the always popular Username, Manager User, Recording Type, Mean Opinion Score (M.O.S.), Duration, and Direction options. All of these can also be combined together!

Join our Beta for Variphy Zoom Phone Analytics here!

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