Download 16 Sample UCM CDR Reports!

Download 16 Sample UCM CDR Reports!

Are you curious about what Variphy can do for your organization? Take a moment to download a set of 16 sample reports!

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner with Variphy, downloading our compelling sample report is absolutely the best way to get started. Bonus! Once you’re Variphy solution is installed, we offer Report Templates for UCM, UCCX, and CUBE!

Contact us at to set up your demo or to arrange a proof of concept!


  • 911 Calls Report
  • Abandoned Calls Report
  • Calls Without First Call Resolution
  • Detail by Extension or Phone Number Report
  • Dormant Extensions
  • Dormant Phones Physical and Soft Phones
  • Dormant Physical Phones
  • Dormant Soft Phones
  • Dormant Users
  • Hunt Group Report
  • Organizational Summary by End User
  • Organizational Summary by Extension
  • SIP Capacity Report
  • Soft Phone vs. Hard Phone Usage
  • Top 10 Abnormal Termination Cause Codes
  • Total Volume Report

Once you’ve had a chance to review the reports, we can have your Variphy instance installed and configured in less than an hour!

Be sure to check out our CDR Reporting and Analytics page here!

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