Government agency uses Variphy to reduce customer wait time by 30%

Government agency uses Variphy to reduce customer wait time by 30%

A U.S. government agency, which assists internal technical support and external customers, needed real-time metrics for over 9,000 devices across hundreds of sites. They turned to Variphy to help them track and report on their key performance indicators for their Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) environment.

The Challenge of Manually Creating Reports

Prior to using Variphy, the government agency was manually pulling data related to their historical phone metrics. The results were difficult to analyze, provided no graphical output, and often took extra time to display in a presentable format.

The learning curve for this method of report generation was steep. Agents and supervisors who didn’t have prior experience with CUCM spent several hours testing reports for the right output.

Real-time Metrics and Easy Report Generation

The agency was searching for an analytics and reporting application to solve this resource-draining issue when they came across Variphy.

“We saw the value of the application within the first few minutes of the demo,” the government agency’s customer experience strategist said. “The dashboards are extremely simple to create and configure.”

With Variphy, they are also able to generate reports within minutes and with just a few clicks. “The data is accurate and can be displayed as graphics or colorized formats, so reports and presentations are effortless,” the agency representative said.

“Variphy was the EXACT tool our organization needed to pull real-time metrics. Our previous processes for viewing phone statistics were tedious and time-consuming, but with Variphy, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips. It allows us to make quick decisions, ultimately improving customer service.”

Customer Experience Strategist, U.S. Government Agency

Using the Right Data to Improve Customer Experience

The ability to see real-time data for their help desk hotline was “a game changer” for agents and decision-makers. They are able to view how many technicians they have on the phones, how many customers are waiting, and the statuses of all their queues. With better insights into their customer calling experience, they were able to make adjustments that reduced their customers’ wait times by 30%.

“Variphy plays a huge role in our ability to make changes in our processes and improve the way we service our customers,” the agency representative said. “Shortly after we deployed it, I briefed it to our customer service chief and our operations team chief. They were both extremely impressed at the capabilities and wanted it briefed all the way to the top of the I.T. leadership chain at the agency.”

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