Credit union chooses Variphy for better insights after migrating to Webex Calling

Credit union chooses Variphy for better insights after migrating to Webex Calling

Veridian Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that had been a Variphy customer when they used Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). After they migrated to Webex Calling, they once again chose Variphy for their call analytics solution because of the detailed reporting features they couldn’t find anywhere else.

The Challenge of Retaining Analytics During Migration

For several years, Veridian used Variphy’s call analytics and reporting solution to get the information they needed on their CUCM. Their administrators relied on Variphy’s reports to give them vital insight into their call data, like call scenario volume, which can be specified by time period and drilled down to department, end user, device, and directory number.

When they decided to migrate from CUCM to Webex Calling, Veridian knew they still wanted the kinds of reports they were able to generate using Variphy.

“We needed a solution that was easy to use and did not require a lot of resources to manage,” said Alex Tangeman, telephony administrator at Veridian. The organization’s managers and partners were used to Variphy’s detailed reports, customized to display the metrics their business was most interested in.

“Variphy’s interface is very intuitive. In a fast-paced environment, it’s great having a solution in place that does not require a lot of effort to maintain.”

— Alex Tangeman, Telephony Administrator, Veridian Credit Union

Exploring Alternative Analytics Solutions

Veridian migrated to Webex Calling in early 2023. At the time, a Variphy solution for Webex Calling was not yet available, so they used another service for analytics and reporting for their new environment. However, the data they could gather using that solution was not as detailed as they were used to with Variphy’s reports.

It also didn’t provide the top-notch support they had received from Variphy. “Variphy’s support was leaps and bounds ahead of what we were using previously,” Tangeman said.

Returning to a Familiar, Trusted Solution

When Variphy announced an early access program for a Webex Calling solution, they immediately signed up.

Just like in their previous environment, Veridian’s administrators could quickly generate ad hoc reports for their Webex Calling environment and troubleshoot calls into their company to verify functionality.

“They also have an extensive knowledge base that covers just about any question you might have about configurations,” Tangeman said. When questions come up, they can easily search the knowledge base or contact support by chat or email.

“We chose Variphy over its competitors because their system is very straightforward and easy to use,” Tangeman said. “It was a great relief for our organization to be able to continue using the same reporting solution we had liked when we were in our old environment.”

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