Document your UC configuration with Variphy’s As-built feature

Document your UC configuration with Variphy’s As-built feature

Variphy As-built Reporting for Cisco is a documentation tool that helps organizations keep track of their Cisco Unified Communications (UC) deployments in real time. It automatically generates detailed, up-to-date records of your UC environment, capturing the current configurations, settings, and other relevant information.

Why do you need an as-built feature for your UC environment?

The As-built report you can generate with Variphy is invaluable for troubleshooting, auditing, compliance, and planning. 

Accurate Representation

The As-built feature provides an accurate representation of your Cisco UC infrastructure, including information about devices, users, extensions, call routing, and more. This allows network administrators and IT teams to have a clear understanding of the system’s current state.

Up-to-date Configuration

As-built keeps documentation up to date in real time, which is particularly helpful in dynamic environments where changes are frequent. This ensures you always have the most recent information about your UC infrastructure.

Version Tracking 

It allows you to compare current configurations with previous versions, enabling you to identify and track changes made to the UC environment over time.

Simplified Troubleshooting 

Accessing comprehensive and current documentation can significantly speed up the troubleshooting process. IT teams can quickly identify potential issues and resolve them without spending time manually mapping the infrastructure.

Compliance and Reporting 

As-built can be useful for compliance audits, as it provides an accurate snapshot of the system at any given time. It also aids in generating reports that highlight specific aspects of the UC environment for compliance purposes.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

As-built is a form of backup for your Cisco UC configurations. In case of a disaster or system failure, you can use the documentation to restore the system to a known good state.

Streamlined Upgrades and Migrations

This feature is especially helpful during system upgrades or migrations, as it provides a detailed roadmap of the existing infrastructure, making it easier to plan and execute the changes.

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