Report on Zoom Phone Common Areas with Variphy 15.2

Zoom Phone admins can provision devices as common area phones, which are unassigned desk phones that anyone can use. 

Examples of common area phones include the following:

  • Shared desks that are not assigned to a specific employee.
  • Unattended office reception area devices.
  • Pagers or intercoms that any phone user can utilize.

We’ve introduced support for reporting on your common areas in Variphy 15.2. With this latest update, you can add the originating and terminating common area fields as search criteria, which allows you to identify the common area and drill down into the details of inbound and outbound calls.  

You can also group your calls by the top-level site, which may be the physical location of an office, and then group calls by the common area that are specific to that site.

Check out our webinar on Zoom Phone common areas hosted by the Variphy SE team.

More information about Zoom Phone common areas and how to configure them in your calling environment can be found here.

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