Variphy Zoom Phone Analytics: Play Audio Call Recordings in Call History Results

In Zoom Phone, calls can be recorded automatically or on demand. Regardless of the recording type, Variphy captures whether the call was recorded and allows quick and easy audio playback via our web interface. This feature enables appropriate supervisors, managers, or administrators to access and listen to voice recordings to benefit your organization’s operations. 

In addition to administrators, users with the “Voice Recordings” privilege can play and listen to audio recordings in Variphy Call History search results. Recordings will only be accessible for the phone calls visible to the users, which can be as broad or narrow as desired and configurable via the Restricted Data Visibility settings. 

Once you find your desired calls, each of the results that have an available recording will display a play icon, as shown below: 

Simply click on the play icon for the appropriate phone call, and the audio playback controls will appear, including the ability to download the recording as an MP3.

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