Customer Success: Liggett Vector Brands

Customer Success: Liggett Vector Brands

Liggett Vector Brands is a large enterprise using Cisco voice solutions. They required comprehensive call analytics to monitor call quality, troubleshoot issues, and report on usage metrics.

  • Location: United States
  • Industry: Enterprise
  • Product: Variphy Reporting and Analytics for Cisco CUCM, Variphy DN & DID Management for Cisco, Variphy Remote Phone Control for Cisco, Variphy Change Management for Cisco
  • Device: 1,000 Phones

The Challenge

Prior to using Variphy, Liggett Vector Brands used a reporting tool that lacked the capabilities they needed. Pulling CDR data was a cumbersome task, and the reports were difficult for non-technical executives to interpret. Communicating call quality issues to leadership was a constant struggle.

The Solution

After being introduced to Variphy at a Cisco Live event, Liggett Vector Brands was impressed by the clear visibility Variphy provided into call metrics like jitter, latency, and call drops. They are able to generate reports that provide simple, high-level overviews that non-technical executives can analyze on their own.

“Variphy takes all the complexity out of the equation. We can run a report that gives a simplified version that any executive can understand without explanation from a network engineer.”

The Impact

Implementing Variphy transformed how Liggett Vector Brands managed and reported on their voice environment. The IT staff is able to reduce call troubleshooting time from 3-4 hours to 15 minutes per issue. The high-level summaries and reports made communicating issues to executives and other non-technical stakeholders easy.

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