Customer Request: Custom Label Change for Cradle to Grave Reports

Customer requests are important to us because they provide valuable insights into the needs and expectations of our customers. These requests help us improve our products, build trust, and provide customers with what they want!

Recently we received a request from a customer in the healthcare vertical regarding a widely used report. The request was to provide the ability to change the name of the “Cradle to Grave” report to “Start to End” or any other name. This request was immediately turned over to our development team, which worked to make it happen!   

We are excited to announce that the ability to change the name of this report will be available in our upcoming 14.0 release.

What is Variphy’s C2G report?

The cradle-to-grave (C2G) report allows you to track complete call flows for each call in a single report. It lets you visualize the C2G sequence showing related calls “before” and “after” within the same time period. This report also identifies call sequence events such as Transferred, Forwarded, and Conferenced calls.

Watch our C2G Reporting Webinar here!

Join the Variphy 14.0 Beta here!

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