How to Isolate Calls for CUBE Reports

Alright, alright, alright! Recently, many of our customers have shown a growing interest in migrating to a cloud calling platform — namely, Webex Calling, Zoom Phone, and Microsoft Teams Phone. Along with this, customers are exploring how they can utilize the analytics provided by Variphy to aid in their decision-making process. 

Systems engineers Matt and Victor hosted the “CUBE Reporting and Analytics: How to Isolate Calls” webinar to explore how it can help identify scenarios and generate insightful reports. They cover how to pick apart call data to focus on specific kinds of carrier events.

The integration of Variphy’s analytics with cloud-based platforms offers customers valuable insights into their communication infrastructure. These analytics help organizations gain insights into call volumes, traffic between carriers, and various other aspects of their environment. By leveraging these analytics, customers can make informed decisions, optimize their network performance, and ensure a smooth experience for their callers.

Variphy’s CUBE Analytics and Reporting Solution

Variphy’s Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) reporting solution provides detailed reporting analytics on the users’ CUBE call details. CUBE allows for actionable insight into router traffic, gathers data outside of regular reports provided by calling platforms, allows for optimizable key parameters to discover trends, and retains historical data. 

Actionable Insights

This solution allows users to monitor call traffic going in and out of CUBE routers. With this reporting tool, organizations can analyze busy hours, peak concurrent traffic, and Dial Peer usage. These insights allow for more informed decisions regarding network expansion and identifying potential bottlenecks that may hinder call flow efficiency.

Unique Data Gathering

Variphy’s CUBE reporting solution pulls up data that is not provided by calling platforms. These reports include information on dropped calls and calls that are not routed to the platform. This allows for a greater understanding of your call flow dynamics, enabling you to address issues more effectively.

Optimizable Key Parameters

Variphy’s reporting tool also allows users to explore multiple parameters to home in on trends. You can optimize your reports by selecting key parameters that matter most to your organization. Whether it’s defining specific time periods or searching by Calling Number (CLID), Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS), or Peer Address, users have the power to make the most of relevant trends and insights.

Historical Data Storing

Variphy’s CUBE reporting solution stores historical data to help organizations make educated decisions based on trends or find calls that took place hours or even months ago. This is also optimizable, allowing users to display data in the way that makes the most sense to them, whether that be interactive pie, bar graphs, line graphs, summaries, or data tables.

CUBE Reporting and Analytics Webinar 

For more information about Variphy’s CUBE reporting solution, watch the full “CUBE Reporting and Analytics: How to Isolate Calls” webinar video. There, Matt and Victor take a deeper dive into what this solution entails and how to report on inbound and outbound calls. 
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