How to Get the Data You Need with the Real Time CSQ Widget

How to Get the Data You Need with the Real Time CSQ Widget

The Real Time CSQ widget can be unique compared to other reporting methods you may be more accustomed to. The troubleshooting measures you’ll need to take to get the results you want from this widget might be new to you, but in a webinar hosted by our systems engineers, we tackle some of the most common issues.

When issues arise with the Real Time CSQ widget, they generally fall under two categories: the data in the widget is incorrect, or the widget shows No Data Available. 

If you’re seeing data displayed but is incorrect, then you can be confident that the software is able to communicate with the database. The issue is not related to a connection issue, and the cause lies elsewhere. 

If “No Data Available” is displayed on the widget, it means that a query went out but was unable to return with a result. In this situation, you should think back and consider if any changes have occurred such as: 

  • Getting a new IP address.
  • Network issues.
  • Password changes.

To learn more about how to resolve these issues and get a walkthrough by our systems engineers, watch the full webinar

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