Flexible migration from on-prem to cloud calling

Flexible migration from on-prem to cloud calling

When planning a migration from on-prem to cloud calling, there are essential points to consider: 

  • Are your phones compatible with the cloud calling platform? 
  • Do you need to migrate all your phones, including dormant phones?  
  • How many licenses do you need? 
  • How can you ensure feature parity and configuration accuracy? 

Variphy can help you discover the answers to these questions and gain valuable insights before, during, and after migration to cloud calling.

Variphy’s as-built reporting feature can help you identify phones compatible with multi-platform phone (MPP) firmware and can be migrated from your Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) to your Webex Calling or Zoom Phone platform. 

You can also take a configuration snapshot of your CUCM and ensure all your settings are configured correctly within your cloud calling environment. This report will be available to you long after your CUCM is decommissioned, allowing you to refer to your previous configuration in case an issue arises following the migration.

Migrating to Webex Calling?

With the announcement of CUCM 15, many organizations are weighing their options of remaining on-premises or migrating to a cloud-calling solution. Cisco allows you to migrate your FLEX licensing from CUCM to Webex Calling, and Variphy can help with this migration!  

Victor Vrba, director of Systems Engineering at Variphy, joined the Webex team to discuss flexible migrations, new survivability solutions for Webex Calling, and Variphy’s on-prem and Cisco cloud calling solutions.

Watch the recorded webinar and learn how Variphy can help with your migration.

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