6 Essential Report Templates for Microsoft Teams Call Analytics

With the rise of remote work and the increasing reliance on cloud communication platforms, the need for comprehensive reporting and analytics has never been greater. Variphy offers a robust solution for Microsoft Teams call reporting and analytics, providing organizations with the tools to gain valuable insights into their communication data. Here are six essential report templates for Microsoft Teams Phone provided by Variphy.

Report Templates for Microsoft Teams Phone

Track Emergency Calls with 911 Calls Report

Variphy’s 911 Calls report provides a detailed overview of total call usage for 911/emergency calls from Microsoft Teams, including user groups and call history details. This template ensures compliance with regulations like Kari’s Law and simplifies the process of monitoring emergency call activity.

911 Calls Report Template

See Call Patterns with Department Summary

Understanding call patterns across different departments is vital for optimizing resource allocation. Variphy’s Department Summary report offers a comprehensive view of total call counts and summaries of calls and durations per department. Organizations can gain actionable insights into departmental communications and performance metrics with this template.

Department Summary Report Template

Document International Calls

For organizations with global operations, tracking international call activity is essential for managing costs. Variphy’s International Calls report provides a total call count for international calls, detailed user summaries, and call details. This template allows organizations to monitor international calls, identify opportunities for cost optimization, and determine fraudulent calls.

International Calls Report Template

Group Calls with Organization Summary by Department and User

A high-level overview of call activity by department and user is invaluable for understanding your organization’s communications. Variphy’s Organization Summary report summarizes call counts and durations, grouped by department and user. This template provides organizations with actionable insights at both macro and micro levels, facilitating management.

Organization Summary by Department and User Report Template

Get the Big Picture with Total Volume Report

Tracking overall call volume is essential for assessing trends and performance over time. Variphy’s Total Volume report provides a total call count, total call duration, and average call duration. This template offers a comprehensive overview of call activity, enabling organizations to identify anomalies that may require further investigation or action.

Total Volume Report Template

Break It Down with User Call History Report

Having access to individual users’ call history is essential for monitoring performance and identifying any needs for improvement. Variphy’s User Call History report offers multidirectional user searching, providing users with a high-level summary as well as granular call history details.

User Call History Report Template

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Variphy’s report templates for Microsoft Teams call analytics helps organizations gain valuable insights into their communication data. From tracking emergency calls to analyzing international call activity and monitoring individual user performance, Variphy provides the flexibility and functionality to optimize communication efficiency, ensure compliance, and drive business success.

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