Reports You Should Run to Optimize Webex Calling

Reports You Should Run to Optimize Webex Calling

What analytics reports should you be running to optimize Webex Calling? Add these Webex Calling reports to your workflow to maintain visibility into your call environment. With Variphy, you can easily build reports with metrics that matter to you and schedule them for delivery.

What Webex Calling reports should you be generating?

Our teams host webinars to help users optimize their on-prem and cloud calling environments. In this webinar, systems engineers Mike Stratton and Dre Divac discuss the most important Webex Calling reports you should run regularly to maintain visibility and identify trends.

Reports and features to help you optimize Webex Calling

Hunt Group Reporting

Variphy accesses the hunt group lists from your Webex Calling data. This report allows customization by hunt group, day/time, call statistics, and more, providing comprehensive insights into hunt group performance.

Line Group Detail

Variphy users can utilize the Line Group Detail report to assess individual line group member performance, enabling targeted analysis.

Call Queue Report

Variphy reports simplify the process of monitoring call queue performance. Users can configure hunt group reports to display call queue activity and performance metrics, giving you valuable data to inform decisions on resource allocation.

Ad Hoc Call History Search for Users

Variphy’s ad hoc call history search feature eliminates the need for configuring a dashboard for an ad hoc search. This feature displays your data at a glance, giving you an easy way to view calls.

Get visibility into your Webex Calling environment with Variphy

Variphy offers comprehensive call analytics support for on-premises UCM and Webex Calling. You can generate reports and analytics for on-prem and cloud calling platforms like Webex Calling, Zoom Phone, and Microsoft Teams in a single application.

Want to see our Webex Calling reporting solution in person? Team Variphy will be at Cisco Live on June 2-6. Visit us at booth #4372 to gain deeper insights into your call environment.

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