Variphy Call Analytics vs. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC)

No reporting row limitationsReporting row limitation of 8000
Highly Customizable reporting without the field restrictionsReliant on CUIC canned reports with very little capability of formatting and customizing
25 widget limitation per DashboardLimitation of 10 widgets per dashboard
Easy to use interface geared toward end users and managersInterface geared toward Administrators providing reports for end users and managers
Modular and User based access controls for Supervisors, Users or ManagersLimited access controls for Supervisors, Users or managers.
Period over Period (Month, week, Day, Hour etc…) analyticsExtremely limited PoP analytics created using SQL, scripting and excel editing
Ability to show Calls traversing in and out of Call centerConfined to only reporting calls taking place in the call center
Ability to customize reporting field labels to better user experienceNo ability to change from CUIC canned field names
Ability to report custom Not Ready reason not just codeReports custom Not Ready numeric value and not textual reason
Reporting repository showing what reports have been run, their status and by whomNo ability to track report usage