Get a First Look at Dashboards and Widgets for Microsoft Teams Phone

Variphy’s dashboards and widgets for Microsoft Teams Phone, available in version 16.1, offer users a seamless experience for creating and customizing visual reports. Our systems engineers hosted a webinar that demos how these latest features simplify reporting and analytics for MS Teams.

Streamline Your MS Teams Phone Analytics With Dashboards and Widgets

Jim Scholtens, systems engineer at Variphy, gives users a sneak peek into our latest features for Microsoft Teams.

Create dashboards quickly: Users can easily build new dashboards, which can be shared with specific users or groups, or via a permalink for wider accessibility. Widgets can be copied and shared across dashboards, streamlining the process of dashboard creation. 

Customize with widgets: Jim explores how to create widgets, such as call analytics, with options to select data sources, widget types, color schemes, refresh intervals, and more. Users can customize the display of widget data by selecting specific columns and defining search criteria, such as time periods and search sets. This allows for tailored insights based on individual or team needs. 

Watch the webinar to get a glimpse of our Microsoft Teams analytics solution or learn more here