Variphy Version 13.1 Release is Coming!

Variphy Version 13.1 Release is Coming!

With the arrival of Variphy 13.1 comes new features and improvements! Check out a few highlights below.

What’s New?

Computed CUCM Ring Time and C2G Sequence Persistence

Ring time information is not natively included in CDR data. In 13.1, we created a computation to reflect the true ring time. 

Display Hardware Revision Number

Using the As-Built feature in Variphy 13.1, you can now report the version ID and hardware revision number of Cisco IP phones. 

Update UCCX Analytics Search Criteria to Support Inactive Values

This feature allows you to construct historical reports and widgets that capture call information for active agents and agents who are no longer active or employed with your organization.

Alerting on Expiring Licenses

Email alerts for expiring licenses can be enabled for 13.1. With this feature, you can choose who gets the alert and at what time of day. 


Multiple CUBE/IOS Systems Support for CUBE Reporting

You can include multiple CUBE devices in the same report.

Security Enhancements

This is an improvement based on security best practices and adds a new response header to Tomcat.

Bug Fixes:

UCCX Comparison Report Should Produce a PDF File

Our latest update will append the correct file extension (.pdf).

For more information, check our our Workshop on the new 13.1 features.

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