With Variphy, you can generate reports and build dashboards with as much detail as you want. But if you just need to know the status of your calling environment at a glance, too much detail might get you lost in the weeds. For executives and administrators who want high-level views of their data, Variphy’s reports and dashboards can be customized to display pertinent information without the clutter.

Systems engineers Dre Divac and Mike Stratton hosted a webinar to show you how to build CUCM reports with high-level overviews of your data. Watch the replay below.

In this webinar, we show you how to build three sample reports: calls to departments, calls to hunt groups, and busy hours. Dre gives you tips on which call scenario types and summaries to include, and which functionalities you might want to turn off to get a simple overview of your data. 

Calls to Departments

Calls to Hunt Groups

Busy Hours

Dre also shows you how to build executive-style dashboards so you can quickly scan the data you’re interested in. Variphy’s dashboards are highly configurable and can display data in tables, charts, and summaries in real time.

Want to learn more about how to build executive-style dashboards and reports? Reach out to us and we’ll show you how to create them for your organization. If you’re not a Variphy customer yet, book a demo with our systems engineers or get a free trial to see how you can build the CUCM reports and dashboards you need.