Get visibility into your Webex Calling environment with Variphy

What analytics reports should you be running for Webex Calling? Here are four reports Webex Calling users should know – which are quick and easy to generate using Variphy.

Run reports for greater visibility into Webex Calling

Variphy offers comprehensive call analytics support for on-premises UCM and Webex Calling. You can generate reports and analytics for your Webex Calling and on-premises UCM environments effortlessly, all within a unified application. And that’s not all — by incorporating Variphy’s CUBE analytics, you gain a complete, holistic view of your calling information.

Mike and Dre from our SE team recently held a Weekly Workshop to discuss some popular reports to set up in your Variphy instance:

  • Hunt Group Reporting — Variphy accesses the hunt group lists from your Webex Calling data. This report allows you to fully customize the data displayed by hunt group, day/time, call statistics, and more!
  • Line Group Detail — With this report, Variphy users can view individual line group member performance.
  • Call Queue Report — Want to know how your call queue is performing? You can configure your hunt group reports on Variphy to display call queue activity and performance with just a few clicks.
  • Ad Hoc Call History Search for Users — No need to configure a dashboard for an ad hoc search. This feature displays your data at a glance, giving you an easy way to view calls.

Experience the power of Variphy 15.0 with Webex Calling analytics and reporting support. Get advanced call analytics to help you make informed decisions about your communication systems.

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