High-level Zoom Phone Reports and Dashboards

High-level Zoom Phone Reports and Dashboards

Variphy offers customizable Zoom Phone reports and dashboards to suit your needs, whether you require high-level overviews or need to dig into granular data. 

For executives and administrators seeking a bird’s-eye view of their Zoom Phone environment, Variphy provides summaries that highlight the most pertinent details. With Variphy’s flexible platform, you can generate reports with as much or as little detail as desired to optimize visibility into your data.

Systems engineers Matt Sikes and Victor Vrba hosted a webinar to showcase how users can build these executive-style dashboards and reports:

In this webinar, our SEs walk through the widgets you can set up to display broad views of your Zoom Phone data, including:

  • Call volume.
  • Call traffic.
  • Call queues.

For organizations using multiple calling platforms, Variphy is capable of multi-platform views in a single pane of glass.

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