Executive-Level Call Reporting and Analytics: Crafting Dashboards That Matter

Executive-Level Call Reporting and Analytics: Crafting Dashboards That Matter

Multi-platform dashboards, widgets, and analytics provide executives with easy-to-read insights into key information. These features are complementary and can quickly display data such as the amount of data being generated, the makeup of incoming call traffic, and overall call traffic volume.

Essential Metrics for Executive-Level Call Reporting and Dashboards

Essential metrics for executive dashboards include call volume and traffic analysis, peak concurrent call counts, and organizational performance breakdowns.

Call Volume and Traffic Analysis

Call volume and traffic analysis show users how many calls have come in within a specified time frame, providing better insight into call flow. It also helps identify inbound and outbound call distribution and the most common call types received.

Peak Concurrent Call Counts

Peak concurrent call counts allow users to see when the highest number of calls occur, giving visibility into peak call times. This information helps organizations determine peak traffic hours, staffing needs, and team performance and efficiency.

Organizational Performance Breakdowns

Executives should be able to view data on top-performing sites and departments. An ideal solution allows users to generate high-level summaries or delve into more granular information. Data can be gathered for top-performing sites, departments, and down to individual users handling call traffic.

Visualizing Data for Quick Insights

Variphy Call Analytics and Reporting allows users to gather information from multiple platforms in one place. Users can gain insights on call volume, call queues, department counts, activity, and more for multiple platforms at once in a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Variphy supports CUCM, UCCX, CUBE, Microsoft Teams, Webex Calling, and Zoom Phone.

When it comes to visualizing data for quick insights, Variphy offers various widget options, including customizable bar, pie, and number charts, as well as table data displays. Line graphs are available for trend analysis, making it easy to track calls and view peaks and valleys. This information can be displayed with customized data, colors, and time sets, and is constantly refreshed with the most up-to-date data.

Complementary Reporting Strategies

Variphy offers report template packages for each supported platform that can be easily installed upon deployment. These can include digit-based dialing, call scenario-based dialing, call queue usage, utilization, and more. While dashboards are great for displaying current information, structured reports can help users determine trends over time.

Reports can be scheduled and automated easily through frequency scheduling: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

Addressing Specific Executive Concerns

As companies consider migrating to cloud calling, executives might wonder how Variphy’s reporting solution could benefit this process. For those migrating from existing platforms, users can track the deprecation of calls for their on-prem environment and the influx and increase on the new platform throughout the migration process. Variphy also offers dormancy reporting that can be added to the widget dashboard, as well as other campaign performance data sets that can be tracked.

Call Analytics and Reports for Executives

Tailored executive-level reporting provides significant value by offering a clear, real-time view of important business metrics across multiple platforms. Executives can easily access up-to-date information on call volume, call queues, department performance, and other key data in one simple dashboard. This aids in making quick, informed decisions and improving overall efficiency and strategy.

Effective executive dashboards balance a high-level view with detailed, actionable insights. Variphy’s solution integrates multi-platform analytics and customizable reports, allowing executives to quickly spot trends, identify areas for improvement, and monitor performance. Detailed data on peak call times, top-performing departments, and call traffic helps executives not only understand the overall situation but also take specific actions to enhance performance.

Learn how Variphy’s advanced reporting and analytics tools enable executives to gain valuable insights, streamline operations, and make better decisions to drive business success.