Enterprise Connect Day 2: AI for Meeting Platforms

Enterprise Connect Day 2: AI for Meeting Platforms

Day two of Enterprise Connect started off with the Microsoft keynote. Their keynote consisted of two main topics: the new Teams platform and Meetings AI. I’ve personally never been much of a Microsoft Teams user and have mainly used it to join meetings for clients when it’s their platform of choice. According to Nicole Herskowitz, Microsoft has rebuilt Teams from the ground up. This rebuild has resulted in a faster application that uses less memory and storage. That’s good, right?

The second key discussion point during the Microsoft keynote was . . . wait for it . . . AI related. They have incorporated Copilot, which was announced earlier this week, into their Teams meeting platform. The demo of the functionality was really interesting. It allows you to ask the AI questions during a meeting, such as “Can you catch me up on the meeting?”, “What is the overall mood of the meeting?”, and “Can you provide an overview of action items?” While the recent buzzwords of “AI” and “sentiment” are becoming overused, this feature was pretty impressive.

Cisco’s keynote followed the Microsoft presentation and — you guessed it — talked about some of the same types of AI related features. Within Webex Meetings, you’ll soon be able to perform actions similar to Microsoft’s, where you can ask for notes and summaries from a meeting. One thing that Cisco mentioned that Microsoft did not was the ability to use this feature in recorded meetings. We’ve all missed meetings and then have to review a 60-minute recording. Now you will be able to simply “ask” the AI questions and quickly get caught up. We’ll see how it works, but at face value, it seems like an excellent feature!

I ended up having a meeting with some folks at Cisco during the RingCentral keynote, so I wasn’t able to attend. I’ll review the recording and update this post.

Day 3 is the final day of the expo and I’m excited to hear what Zoom has to say!  How many Zoom Phone seats do they have now?  Any innovations coming with Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center?

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