Customer service teams leverage Variphy to make data-backed decisions, improve productivity

Customer service teams leverage Variphy to make data-backed decisions, improve productivity

Huish Outdoors, based in Salt Lake City with branches all over the world, is a leading
manufacturer of scuba and immersion technology. They needed to generate detailed reports on their Webex Calling environment, but they were not getting the level of granularity they wanted from their old analytics solution.

The Search for Better Insights Into Group Call Management

For the customer service teams at Huish Outdoors, visibility into their calling environment was paramount. However, gathering information with their old reporting solution was a
time-consuming process, and interpreting the data was an even bigger challenge.

They signed up for a proof of concept with Variphy, and soon after the application was deployed in their system, they began building dashboards and reports.

With Variphy’s customizable features, the customer service teams at Huish Outdoors were
introduced to many options for reporting. “The largest hurdle was learning the platform, but after training, we were set up for success,” Ryan Kenney, customer service manager at Huish Outdoors, said. “It was awesome to work with a company that was so supportive through the evaluation process.”

Compared to the reporting platform they had been using, Variphy made it easier for Kenney and his teams to capture call records. They were able to build reports on their organization’s key performance indicators and present them in ways that were easy to view and understand, such as tables, graphs, and summaries.

“The biggest impact we’ve seen after using Variphy has been on productivity. We can narrow
down our peak times and quickly identify our busy hours, and we use this data to staff

Ryan Kenney
Customer Service Manager, Huish Outdoors

The customer service teams use Variphy’s dashboards to track near real-time details on their Webex Calling environment. Configurable widgets help them monitor the activity of their Group Call Management and call queues.

Delivering Valuable Reports to Business Decision-makers

Since Huish Outdoors began using Variphy, they have seen improvement in the efficiency and productivity of their teams. They build granular reports that help them find their busy hours, helping managers decide when to allocate resources. They also get visibility into individual agent performance, which helps them identify who might need more coaching and training.

Whenever they have questions of their own about how to maximize Variphy’s features, they can quickly contact a Variphy team member and receive personalized support. “For other software I’ve used in the past, there is no identity of who is offering support. I am used to having a toll-free number to call,” Kenney said. “Variphy has been very proactive in ensuring our success. Literally, from the moment we started the trial, we felt we had incredible support.”

Variphy Reporting and Analytics for Webex Calling has helped Huish Outdoors track data that matters to them – and make sense of it, too. “We initially subscribed to Variphy for two teams,” Kenney said, “but we are now encouraging other departments in our organization to explore the benefits of the solution.”

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