Are you migrating to a cloud-calling solution?

Recently, our customers requested a feature to help them assess their cloud readiness by identifying hardware revisions for their Cisco IP phones. Depending on the model, phones might require hardware version V03 or V04 to convert to the MPP firmware, which is required for cloud calling.  

In 13.1.0, Variphy As-Built Reporting for CUCM will provide the ability to capture and report on the Cisco IP phones’ hardware revisions as part of the “IP Phone Serial Numbers, Firmware, and CDP” report option in CSV format. 

Similar to other Cisco IP phone information like the serial number, the hardware revision is not stored in CUCM. Unless you preserve the original packaging or box, it must be captured from the phone. Variphy can now automate this collection and reporting for you.  

Navigating to As-Built Reporting via the Variphy App Launcher (caption)

To produce this report, you’ll need to select the “IP Phone Serial Numbers, Firmware, and CDP” CUCM Content Option. In the Output Format dropdown, choose “CSV.”  

If you don’t need every model of phone included, a Sub Set can be applied to filter out phones by device pool, phone model, or other criteria.

The CSV report output will contain new “Hardware Revision” and “Version ID” columns for each phone, along with several other values you might find helpful! 

Cisco Webex Calling Requirements (Cisco IP Phone):

Further details on Variphy’s As-Built Reporting can be found here.